If you’re ready to work with a pro, here’s some criteria to keep in mind

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NOTE: This post is intentionally not titled something like “THE top five things….” because while I believe these are good principles to follow when shopping for an FA, I’m not an investing professional, and I don’t know your individual situations, so I won’t pretend to claim that this list is…

The yin and yang of emotional spending

We all do it.

Bad money decisions, like most other bad decisions, are most often made because of human emotion. While sometimes bad information or another person’s activity can cause us to be misled and make poor decisions, there’s no question that allowing our emotions to rule our wallets is much more often the…

I think we can all agree that 2020 was really hard.

Without rehashing everything that went down in 2020, if you’re like me, you breathed a small sigh of relief at midnight on Dec 31st.

Sure, it was largely symbolic, because the things that made 2020 so hard are by no means over. The world didn’t magically fix itself at 12:01am…

Winter is coming, bringing the potential for increased financial hardship. Here’s how to prepare.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you’ve been reading my work for a while, you know I typically write about financial freedom through investing and understanding how money works so you can unlock your own earning potential. I hope one day to return to writing those types of pieces. For now though, as…

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