First, of all, let me say thank you for writing, both this and other pieces. I've really been inspired and confronted by the raw honesty of your writing over the past year especially. Kudos to you for speaking out!

This is why the ONLY piece of "financial advice" that actually makes sense these days is to VOTE! Vote on local wage measures, on economic stimulus bills. Vote on politicians who will actually do something to make life more livable for the average American again. Vote against corporate shills who are more concerned with protecting their own power (and wealth) than protecting their constituents.

Stop making budget spreadsheets and start making spreadsheets of elections at all levels, when the deadlines are, what the issues at stake are, and how you factor in.

If more financial "advisers" were focused on helping people fight the system, or change the system, rather than telling them to stop buying Starbucks and only drive used cars, maybe we'd see some real improvement across the board, not just for the privileged few.

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