The Iowa Caucus Results Are Still Uncertain

This pitiful performance should seal the deal on an outdated electoral tradition, but will it?

Here we are, more than 17 hours past the beginning of the event, and the results of the Iowa Democratic Caucuses still aren’t in.

Let that sink in for a moment. In an increasingly sure sign of just how out of touch the whole idea of caucusing is,

The candidates are already moving on. , as they prepare for the equally much-vaunted “first-in-the-nation” voting primary to be held next Tuesday.

The whole thing reminds me of Bill Belichick’s back in 2014.

Can we just stop for a second and admit, as a nation, that the (and, for that matter, ) is fundamentally out of touch with modern politics? Can we stop for a second and ask why two predominately white states get to have such outsize roles in determining which candidates from both major parties move forward?

We’ve known, deep down, that the process is broken, and has been for decades. But this farce should put the final nail in the coffin of a fair and balanced political process that doesn’t give outsize weight to special interested and the donor class. This disaster of a campaign season kickoff should lay to rest any doubts that the major political parties are rudderless, directionless, and beholden to the power of a few wealthy people whose main political goal is preserving the status quo in perpetuity. This laughable dumpster fire of an election season should be the resounding “YES” in answer to the question of whether or not the American democratic process is desperately in need of change.

The question is, will any of that actually happen? What will it take for us to be ready for a change of this magnitude?

Frankly, I’m becoming convinced that if this doesn’t serve as the tipping point, then absolutely nothing will.

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